Monday, July 16, 2007


Dumb Terrorist Bombs Embassy in Santiago, Chile

Rule Number 1: you don't plant a home-made bomb on a national holiday, unless you're a half-assed terrorist, who didn't really want to hurt anybody, but just wanted to make a statement.

Rule Number 2: Have a statement. Did you bomb the British embassy, or were you aiming for the Israeli embassy? What's your problem with Britain, anyway? If you read the news, you might be aware that Britain is leaning away from Bush. Are you trying to speed up that process, or are you pro-Bush? In addition to your cylindrical device filled with gunpowder, why don't you throw us a bone?

Man, this is like highschool, that time I felt the earth shake and ears rang because some dimwit detonated a small bomb in the quad. No one was hurt, and he got caught and sobbed in principals office.

Dumb terrorist, you hardly even deserve the title, "terrorist".

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