Monday, April 17, 2006


Caravan of Death - Really that Bad?

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch. Sometimes it seems like that's all you liberals do. And in the meantime, you miss out on the real point of the the story: turns out that Pinochet's Gen. Sergio Arellano Stark didn't really do it! Thanks to an honest judge doing his job, an old general can finally go home to his loving family, with clean hands.

Ah, but no. You're still not happy -- you liberals, once again, have found something to complain about.

What did you call it again? A "Caravan of Death?" Heh, whoa! That's heavy! Heh, who invited you to the party? Heh.

But seriously, it wasn't a caravan. It was a helicopter. And big deal, anyway! So like 70 political prisoners disappeared in the north of Chile in 1973, right after Pinochet saved Chile, and you whiny liberals like to say that Gen. Sergio Arellano Stark ordered the killings. Bla bla bla.

Too bad for you guys, that story just became untrue last week. So ha! Take that!

And Thank God. After nearly 20 years of liberal kvetching fogging up the truth, it's good to know that a spark of clarity remains from that veritable belle epoque that was Chile under Pinochet.

The good work of Judge Victor Montiglio has finally set the record straight. Fact: Gen. Arellano didn't show up in the north of Chile until two days after these "killings" took place. Therefore, he couldn't possibly have ordered any killings. Right?

Right. That's what the judge said, and that's good enough for me.

Hey, you artless hack -- if you're intending on lampooning conservatives, at least get their position right. No one's saying the Caravan of Death "wasn't that bad." What they're saying is that when the bodies were found, it cannot be classified as an ongoing "kidnapping" and the loophole doesn't apply. And many Chileans feel like constantly drudging up the past isn't helping the country move forward.
oh common, yo can see the bodies and even thath way you thougth than pinochet saved chile ... ¬¬
Ok I think you must be kidding. Right?
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