Thursday, July 13, 2006


The Invisible President

It seems that President Michelle Bachelet is everywhere these days. Everywhere, that is, except where she is needed.

Firstly, an agreement between Argentina and Bolivia will likely force gas prices through the roof in Chile. Bachelet, where were you when that happened? Why didn’t you hold back Kirchner’s hand before he signed the deal? (ST, July 14)

In response to higher gas prices the southern truck drivers’ union announced earlier this week they would prolong their strike indefinitely (ST, July 13), claiming the government has failed to listen to their concerns. Once again, Bachelet, why were you in the Capitol dealing with flooding and politics instead of fanning the tempers of 15,000 angry truck drivers?

And last but not least, the heavy rains. Disgruntled residents of Santiago’s more nether regions were unhappy that Bachelet didn’t arrive sooner to witness the damage to their homes and streets. I wonder, however, why she didn’t just put an end to the rain once and for all. Or kayak down the Mapocho to personally acknowledge the suffering of all those affected by the weather. Isn’t that what we hire politicians to do?

I know that Bachelet has been in office for only a few months, but it’s clearly her fault that Chilean children are obese, teenagers are using marijuana, truck drivers are pissed about high gas prices and rain is flooding the streets. I want to see action NOW.

With all the commissions she’s formed to solve the nation’s problems, Bachelet may need another to tell her what the people, and her advisers, are saying. And a personal jet, so she can be there when I complain about my leaky roof, and still make it in time to meet with Congress…

(Venezuela’s Chavez, though my ideological adversary, could teach Bachelet a thing or two. During the last episode of his show “Hello Presidente” Chavez granted my neighbors' wish for three more chickens… That’s what I call responsive… )

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